On the Right Track

The Monday after a race weekend is always a strange day for me.

If I have done well, I feel flat as I want to be out there to continue on

If I have done badly I feel down as I want to do my best at all times.

If I have had bike problems or a crash that requires repairs I know there is so much to do to be ready in time for the next meeting it's daunting.

This past weekend at Cadwell Park was very mixed.

I missed one session of testing as we found problem with a warped brake disc just as I was due to go out.

Thunderstorms were around all weekend with the prospect of sudden heavy downpours requiring wheel changes at the drop of a hat.

Qualifying went OK on a slightly damp track with a reasonable if not stunning lap time, it was better than testing but not as good as previous years on when on a different class of motorcycle.

The racing went really well when it was wet, I am getting a bit of a reputation for being good in the wet.

In the dry I wasn’t as good as I feel I could have been, I was a little too tense, not at 100% confidence, overall my race time was my best ever but my absolute best lap time was higher than I have done previously.

When I look at the weekend I would probably give myself 7.5 out of 10.

Bear in mind here I am my own strongest critic.

I find I am like that in most things that I do.

When I am racing we are all going in one direction, some are quicker than others.

There is one perfect line for the absolute best result, most riders can’t achieve that and if they can it certainly isn’t consistently lap after lap.

What we are all trying to achieve is the best we can be with our level of experience, talent and what we have learned from others.

When we fail and run off track we get back on as soon as we can.

If we have a major failure and end up in a major crash, there are marshalls to pick us up and keep us safe, we have people rally around and help put us and the bike back together and get us back out there.

When we have failed we go back out the next time and strive to do better, not to make the same mistakes, to stay closer to that perfect line.

It’s like that on my Christian walk.

I know I am not perfect, there are others much better than me at this.

I try to learn from them, I keep at it picking up experience.

If I make a small mistake I get back on track as soon as I can.

If I crash there are people around me to pick me up and keep me safe, people to help put my stuff back together again and then get me back out there

Where I fail I strive to do better each and every time to try to achieve that perfect line that was shown to us by Christ our Lord

Then the day when our Lord returns I won’t feel flat, I won’t feel down and I won't feel daunted because the race I have run will have been my best and I will be with the best Forever


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