Uplifting Performances

The Snetterton race weekend had an extra fizz about it for me because the CVM guys were coming along to do a bit of filming for their Crazyway initiative.

Qualifying was likely to prove a dissappointment because we hadn't run the Friday testday due to some financial restraints. Snetterton has two very fast entry speed corners and usually it takes a few sessions on track for me to get my head into the late braking and high speed needed to post a decent lap time.

So with that in mind i went out for the qualifying session with low expectations and consequentally i was quite relaxed about the whole thing. I was at the head of the second group out of pit lane and very swiftly the guy 3rd in the championsip flew past me and left behind. Suprisingly then no one else came past in the entire session. I realised I must have been going OK but I was extremely surprised to find that I had lapped 6 seconds quicker than when we were at Snetterton in April.

It happens that way sometimes doesn't it. When you have low expectations of what might happen you can be blown away if something awesome occurs.

I had a fabulous time talking with Nathan and Dave about the bike, the racing and the opportunities it opens up to share faith. I know that they got some awesome footage from the first race. It had a bit of everything, Me overtaking people overtaking me, a bike blowing up, a belly pan flying off another bike. Start 14th finish 14th but a seasons worth of incedents inbetween. I can't wait to see the finished output.

We changed the set up on the bike between Saturday and Sunday. When we started the season we put a nice base setting on the suspension which wasn't to harsh so that I could get used to the bike. In the second race on Saturday I had reached the limits of that softer setting. We stiffened the bike a few clicks and it took some getting used to in the morning race. I got hung up with some of the minitwins and defending my line in the slower corners compromised my overall race.

The race weekend finished in much the same way as it started, with an unexpected performance. Having placed 14th, 16th , 14th in the previous three races I was starting from 25th overall on the grid.

I made a good start and got away with the people that I would normally compete with I managed to get to the front of that group and got my head down for a battle, everytime someone came past I made sure I went back past so that they didn't get away. After battling throughout the seven laps I crossed the line 15th overall and 8th in class with a race time 17 seconds quicker than I had gone in the morning race.

#upliftingperformance #cvm

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