Out with the Old in with the New

So 2016 kind of didn't hit the expected highs after such a good round at Donington.

At Silverstone I had a silly crash at over 100 MPH during Friday Practice which left us with a cracked alternator cover and a long lead time to get a new one.

Consequently I had to build the 97 Fireblade from the ground up to be ready for Oulton Park.

We managed this with a day or so to spare, but the whole weekend I struggled with things working loose and the general set up of the bike feeling off compared to the 95.

Ultimately I hit a false Neutral going into Island bend and this led to another 100 mph crash.

So for the second time out of three we took a very secondhand looking bike to the CVM gathering.

We rebuilt the 95 in time for Pembrey, the weather was atrociously wet all weekend and although I go OK in the wet I was struggling to recover lost confidence.

It took most of the rest of the year to get back a good feel, the weather never seemed settled and I never felt like I got a good run at things.

By the time Snetterton my final meeting came around I was ready to call time as a rider.

So on with the original plan, One of the highlights of Silverstone crash was that I got to spend some time with one of my lead sponsors and a prospective new rider.

We got to know Wil over the rest of the year and we are really pleased to say that he will be riding for us this year in the Rookie Minitwins.

My two Fireblades are up for sale and thanks to SDC in Stevenage we have a 2004 SV560 Built from the ground up for Wil to ride.

We picked the new bike up just before Christmas and this weekend Wil is coming over and we will introduce him to his new track partner.

The season officially starts with Wils CTC course and track Instruction at Brands Hatch the third weekend of February, then his first race weekend will be back at Brands Hatch the second weekend of March.

We have already booked speaking engagements at three men's breakfasts at a Churches in Slough, Watford and Rayleigh, We talk a bit about what we do and how you can join us at an event to further your church outreach. If you would like us to come to an event at your Church or would like to join us on track please drop us a line via the contact page or directly to ffrraceteam@gmail.com

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