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One of the most difficult things for any sports team is the raising of sufficient funds to compete at the level that they aspire to. This becomes especially true when the team receives no revenue from the events in which they compete.

Take Olympic sports, The games are sold globally for vast amounts of TV and sponsorship revenue but none of that is received by the competitors, they contribute to the greatest sporting show on earth and receive nothing except somewhere to stay while they are there.

Apart from the elite series' like F1 and MotoGP motorsports is very much the same, even at "pro" levels. At national and club level there is rarely prize money even if your are able to win.

Yet week in week you will find people around the country competing in their chosen event, doing the best that they can with the resources that they are able to muster.

They will continue until they are down to their very last penny for the enjoyment of their sport and often with the dream of making to the point where they might just get paid enough to cover their expenses.

One of the reasons Faith Fueled Racing exists is because I was one of those guys and girls, I love motorcycles and motorcycle racing. I also love all those other people that feel the same way, but it breaks my heart that many of them don't know the Lord, and because they compete on a Sunday they aren't likely to be anywhere near to that introduction.

Because we race alongside them we feel we have a duty to come alongside them with our faith also.

It also gives us an additional opportunity to offer other groups some events to bring their mates along to for a bit of friendship evangelism. Lets face it, it's easier to say to a mate "come and watch some motorcycle racing" than it is to say "come to church"

To be able to race, outreach to the racers and provide the evangelism we need more funding than a standard guy with a bike and a van. Like many of the teams initially we rely on friends and family for support. Then as the team grows and you progress the costs escalate and you start to look for support outside of your immediate friends and look to build relationships with businesses that can provide support, ultimately you may turn to larger companies for full sponsorship support.

As a Christian team this avenue is often restricted by company policies not allowing support of "faith" causes for fear of showing favoritism. And often Faith based organisations are restricted from supporting due to their own charitable status not allowing it.

This gives us a funding dilemma, of having a cause that people would like to support yet can't.

This is why for us support from individuals is a vital stream of living water for us.

We launched faith fueled 100 to enable this and to also provide some reward to people who join in supporting is with the prize draw, but also if you can't stretch that far it is possible to donate any amount through our web page. For instance £20 enables us to provide a bacon butty for our outreach guests.

We are continually amazed in the way God has blessed the work we are doing and your support is a great blessing to us.

If you have already supported us in anyway please accept our heartfelt thanks, and if this moves you to support us in anyway in the future, bless you and see you at a meeting soon.

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