A Rookies Perspective

For weeks leading up to my first time out on track, my nerves were all over the place. I kept telling everyone that I thought I’d just be sick all weekend, because that was what I thought was going to happen.

As the time got closer and items on my check list were getting done, I started asking people for advice on what to do to calm my nerves, my Grandma said something that helped me hugely. She simply just said ‘you’re not doing this alone’. It suddenly clicked, the whole time I had been worrying, I had lost sight of what we were actually there to do, the whole point of us racing is to share our faith, so why would I need to worry?

I arrived at Brands Hatch early on the Saturday morning to do the theory part of my test, as I sat in the car, I was repeatedly thinking ‘You’re not doing this alone, you’re not doing this alone’. My Girlfriend, Claire, who was sat next to me was probably wondering whether to get the bucket but I was actually sat very calmly knowing that God was by my side.

By the time the afternoon came around, and I had done my test. Paul had turned up and we spent a few hours chatting to people and watching the trackday, but my nerves were starting to control me again. Thankfully that evening I had gone out and was enjoying a distraction to take my mind off what I was going to do the next morning.

Before I knew it, the time was fast approaching. Again, all I had going through my head was ‘You’re not doing this alone’. As I sat on the bike and started it, I knew that so many eyes, thoughts, prayers but most certainly God, was watching over me, to my astonishment, my nerves were not there at all. I went out for my first session and thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.

As sessions went by my instructor was doing a great job of pushing my pace forward, by the end of the day my lap time was a whole 10 seconds quicker, I left with a real excitement and buzz to start the season, but I hadn’t forgot what it was all about.

We’ve all come away with a real excitement to see what God has planned for us this year, we are thoroughly looking forward to meeting everyone that we can reach, we’ve got a strong passion to share our faith and the more people that can come along the better! We would love to see each and everyone one of you at some point, so please make sure you’ve found a date that you can do!

Many Thanks


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