A Mechanics Eye View

Last weekend has been a mix of great fun and at times quite stressful.

During qualifying Wil told us he was having issues with the bike running very high on revs going into corners. We quickly found out that the throttle bodies were not performing as they should do. We quickly stripped the bike down and removed the faulty part.

Paul found us a Donor bike to remove the affected parts from so we could get the bike back up and running. We spent about 30 minutes stripping the Donor bike down so we could remove the throttle bodies and place them on Wils bike. We noticed that the original ones didn’t quite match the the ones we were going to use,

Will And Paul Image Courtesy of We Do Stories

This was quite a set back for us as a team but Paul called SDC Performance and they were able to provide us a replacement set. I then spent 30 minutes putting the donor bike back together whilst Tony tried to clean the affected ones to see if we could repair them.

The new throttle bodies arrived and the bike was put back together and tested and it worked.

For Sunday Wil requested that we change his front sprocket to a 15T so that he would be running the same set up as the other rookies, However during Wils first race on Sunday he did not finish because of an issue with the clutch actuator assembly, and the gear lever coming loose, this was a quick fix with a bit of thread lock.

His final race on the Sunday was so exhilarating, The whole team was so excited to see him racing so well, He had a lot of support over the 2 days of racing and I’m proud to say I’m part of the team.

It really feels like I have a place and a belonging to the team and we all bring something different to the team,

God has blessed us with a great bike and an amazing team principle

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